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Jorgen Osthed

  • Hip Replacement Both Sides
Jorgen Osthed

“I was reflecting the other day upon the difference Dr Magee had made in my life. At 65 my hips were totally shot and had made me "helpless". Could not even put on my socks by myself!! The picture is from Frary Peak on Antelope Island, which I hiked up to a year after my surgeries. Dr Magee has truly given me a new lease on life. I am very grateful for his skills and care. I highly recommend him if you are in the "market" for this type of procedure.


Jorgen Osthed”

Mary Olander

  • Hip Replacement

“What a God send to find Dr. Magee,and finally be pain free, after years of suffering with each step I took! He is the most caring and hands on doctor I have never gone to.

I had my hip replacement 1 month ago and am now walking with a normal gait. The surgery went as explained by Dr Magee and I feel like a new woman!!

I highly recommend this wonderful man.”

Dan Mix

  • Knee Replacement

“I had suffered knee pain for many years and was to the point I could no longer walk.

I was being a big baby about the surgery.

I finally decided I needed it done. Dr. Magee was recommended by Dr. Riggs.

I went to his website and found good recommendations. Dr. Magee explained everything and put me at ease. He has a very good bedside manner.I was up and walking the first day and went home on the 4th day. He visited me in the hospitals several times.

A lot of my friends had knee replacements and it took them several weeks to even start recovery. I was up and doing well first couple friends were amazed how well I was doing so quickly. I just had my other knee done and I am having the same results.

You can't find a better doctor than Dr.Magee, he is personable and concerned and made my experience so much better than I thought possible. Anytime I hear of needing knee or hip surgery I tell them see Dr. Magee, he is the best and you won't be sorry.

Thank you Dr. Magee for giving my life back to me.”

Wil Cummings

  • Right Hip Replacement

“A year ago I could barely walk. My right hip had disintegrated as shown by x-rays taken at the Hofmann Arthritis Institute, 24 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, Ut. Dr. Magee, showing me the x-rays asked, "how have you walked the last few years?" I replied, "lot's and lot's of Aleve".

On 1 March 2010 Dr. Kim Bertin had replaced both my knees. At the time my hips were also x-rayed and Dr. Bertin indicated that my right hip was deteriorating. So when, five years later, my hip finally gave out I called and found he had retired but his name was associated with Hofmann. I went there, was seen by Dr. Trevor Magee, and hip replacement was scheduled.

My hip was replaced on Monday 23 February 2015 and I spent two nights in recovery at Salt Lake Regional. I received some rehabilitation therapy and experienced remarkably little pain and recovered rapidly.

For 12 years I was occupied as a 24/7 caregiver for my wife, a stroke victim. She, an excellent swimmer, skier and good tennis player in excellent condition had a hemorrhagic stroke and was left right side hemiplegic and profoundly aphasic - she could receive information but could not generate words. I gave up playing tennis and skiing as I devoted myself to her care. That is, i had no outside help other than when our son visited us in Michigan or we came here for a few days each year. Not unexpectedly, my athletic condition deteriorated.

My wife of 57 years died last April 3rd, a few days after I received my new hip. We were visiting from Michigan and living in a handicapped accessible apartment in our son's house in Salt Lake City and she received marvelous hospice care. The hospice nurse who tended to her also saw me during the immediate post-op period and a physical therapist came to the house.

On 6 December 2016, my 80th birthday, I went to Alta and took advantage of their generous senior skier policy. I paid $50.00 for a season pass and began a strength recovery program on skis. At first i tired easily and was exhausted after 3 runs. Gradually my condition has improved and last Friday the 13th I made 22 runs of 1,857 feet each for a total of 40,854 ft. i have skied 24 days at Alta, made 186 rides on the Collins lift and skied a total of 339,954 vertical feet plus five days at other resorts. I have had no pain in either knee or in my hip.

This may sound like bragging, perhaps it is. But a year ago I did not imagine anything like it possible. I assumed the new hip would allow me improved daily mobility and less pain. Dr. Magee assured me that I would ski again. That I have been able to resume extreme physical activity is far more than I could have hoped for. To say I am pleased with Dr. Magee's skill and artistry does not begin to convey my satisfaction and pleasure in my good fortune to have been his patient. My other, the left hip, will probably need replacing. I know where to get it done.


Wil Cummings”

Linda (Jennie) Palmer

  • Hip Transplant

“Dear Dr. Magee,

There is a lot of truth in the statement that the words "thank you" are inadequate. I have had severe rheumatoid arthritis for many years affecting most of the joints in my body with pain and dysfunction. My right hip has been seriously affected, but when one has had a lot of pain for a long time it is hard to know how significant one area of pain really is. I was always able to compensate for whatever deficits I had and did so without really realizing it. Despite being in a wheelchair due to a number of different problems, I was able to continue working full time until August of this year. As a chiropractor I had to modify what I did considerably, but I had been blessed to keep working. Everything changed on August 1st and I was advised that if I didn't change my life, I was likely to end up requiring care 24/7 within 6 months. I can't describe what applying for disability, having no income and the myriad of other changes have done to me on so many levels.

Operation Walk/Utah came into my life through a friend who saw a program about Operation Walk and told me about it. With some trepidation and embarrassment I contacted the program. I was accepted for a hip transplant, which was performed on December 2nd. On that day, I received two invaluable things - a pain free hip and my dignity. During this life changing last few months I have learned the difference between enjoying the blessings of charity and being a charity case. During every aspect of my interaction with Operation Walk, I was treated with dignity and caring. Not once did I feel as though I was a charity case.

Thank you so much for using your great technical skills and loving hearts to change my life.”

Judy Sessions

  • Total Left Knee

“I had a mother that had 2 left knee replacements and when she died, her left knee pointed in a V to the left and she was unable to walk for the last 10 or so years of her life and so I was not going to end up like that. Welllllllll, one morning I was watching Big Buda on Channel 13 news and he was talking to this Dr. Magee about knee replacements and it caught my ear and I listened and got really interested and thought when I get brave enough to have my knee done I'm going to go see this Dr. Magee and see what he has to tell me. Well I got to the point that I needed to do something and it was not keep taking pills and more pills. I wanted to walk without pain and not be on some pill or another the rest of my life and I didn't want to be in wheel chair and be unable to walk like my mother.

So I made that phone call and went to see Dr. Magee and he said the only thing that would help me was a total knee, so I decided that I was going to go for it. Boy was that the best decision I ever made.

Everything went well and I was up walking a few hours after my surgery and then home, and physical thaerpy at home for a couple of weeks. I kept doing what I was told and today I am back to work as a cashier and on my feet and doing well. It has only been about 4 months, but it was the best decision I ever made for myself.

Dr. Magee and his staff and everyone that helped me at Salt Lake Regional Hosp. were really very caring and so very thoughtful and helpful and nice.

The only thing I would like to say is don't walk around and suffer, it will really be the best decision you will ever make for yourself.”

Kathryn R

  • Total Left Knee Replacement

“I will forever be grateful to my PC for referring me to Hofmann and the wonderful Dr. Trevor Magee! After over 3 years of pain in both knees, I was able to have the left knee replaced very shortly after my first visit. I was very apprehensive about after surgery pain and daunting rehab but to my surprise the pain is remarkably mild and therapy uplifting! I'm only 3 weeks out and my outlook on life has changed so much for the better in fact we have scheduled to have the other knee replaced in less then a month! What a life changer! I certainly lucked out with Dr. Magee and his staff, he is a great surgeon and I highly recommend him!”


  • Knee Replacement And Partial Knee

“My experience with Dr. Trevor Magee was and is nothing short of magic. Four years ago I had total knee replacement performed by Dr. Magee due to the severe pain in my left knee. The results were outstanding, after the recovery and physical therapy, I found my knee to be pain free and had a restored range of motion. Also the incision had healed better then friends of mine who had the same procedure performed by other physicians and hospitals. Strangely enough Dr Magee does not use those ugly staples like others do and uses a technique that is less scar forming. The difference was astounding and still is.

This past year I have experienced dramatic pain in my right knee and despite taking Ibuprofen could no longer take the pain. Also again I had limited activity due to the pain in my right knee. Back to Dr Magee I went and had a partial knee replacement. The recovery was much quicker with the partial and the results were again outstanding.

Having had both a full knee replacement, and partial knee replacement, performed by Dr. Magee I have been personal witness to his skills.

I truly cannot say enough positive about Dr. Magee. Dr. Magee has mastered this process and no one else can compare. Oh and by the way, his office is also very personal able and are always helpful and cheerful.

I highly recommend Dr. Magee and have no problems referring others to this very talented, magical Dr.”

Terry C.

  • Makoplasty
Terry C.

“Dr. Magee and his fancy robot preformed Makoplasty on my left knee the end of April 2015. After nine years of increasing pain, to the point I could hardly walk, I now feel absolutely whole again! I was able to walk normally after just two weeks. At four weeks the swelling was gone and I had the range of motion equal to my other "good" leg. The PT's were amazed and after six weeks I had graduated from PT. Now as I approach 8 weeks post op my leg is as strong as ever and I have no pain or discomfort at all. After nine years of absence my left leg is now a useful part of my body once again. Welcome back left leg and thank you Dr. Magee and staff!! ”

Renita H.

  • Right Knee Revision TKA

“I had spent the better part of the last 4 years dealing with a bad right knee. The first Dr. I went to only wanted to scope then give me the synvisc shot even though he admitted it would at best " buy time" then the next Dr. performed a partial replacement which only lasted about 7 months before the bone supporting the implant collapsed. I was on the verge of losing my job when I was thankfully sent to Dr. Magee. I was skeptical at first but had no choice and wow what a difference! The bruising and swelling for this rt knee revision and tka was 1/3 or less than that of the partial replacement. Also the scar is much thinner than the previous one. It is true the initial soreness was greater but this procedure was far more serious and I am healing faster than before. It can only be the skill and caring that Dr. Magee brings that makes the difference. While I didn't need to call him on his cell as he offered, he did check on me personally after I discharged and I found great comfort in that. I fully expect that my knee will be fully functional in record time and can't wait to get back to living life fully!”

Jenifer W.

  • Total Knee Revision

“Dr. Magee,

When I came to see you I felt like my life was destined to be one of pain and discomfort. I was 8 months out from a total knee replacement, had no range of motion, tremendous swelling, and constant pain.

Your kindness has made all the difference in the world to me and my family. I can not express how incredible it is to have a doctor that takes the time to listen to your concerns, cheer you on, and treat you like you are his only patient.

I will be forever grateful to you and your staff, and will recommend you to anyone I know that could benefit from your services.

Thank you for giving me a second chance.”

FA Cathy Austin

  • Right Knee

“I work for a regional airline carrier. We stand during our flights because the jumpseats must be stowed during flight after we get up. After standing on one leg for 8 years I decided it was time and got brave enough to have surgery. Why did I wait? Why did I worry! Every step of the way was so much easier than I expected. I had helped passengers off of the plane who said they had knee surgery 6 months prior and they could barely walk and were still using a cane. With the expertise of Hoffman Arthritis and Dr. Magee I was back to work in 3 months and loved standing on BOTH legs. Thank you for all. ”

Neila B.

  • Bilateral Knee Surgery

“Thank you Dr. Magee for so skillfully performing bilateral knee surgery on me. It is now nearly six months post op and I am a new person. I am able to take long walks without the fear of the ensuing knee pain, and I am also much more active in other areas of my life.

I appreciate that you gave me your cell phone number so that I could call you should I have problems or questions.

Again, thank you for your skill, your caring and for making it possible for me to enjoy a much richer life.”

Maureen B.

  • Total Knee Replacement

“Dr. Magee,

To tell you with the deepest of gratitude how much you have changed my life would not be enough.

I am 58 yrs. old with a lot of life left in me. But, I could not work or play because of the pain in my knee. My pant leg would not fall right over my knee because of the inflammation.

I had been struggling with this for over 2 yrs. and,quite frankly, felt a lot older.

You explained everything that was going to be done preop,surgically, and postop. If I had any questions, you gave me your cellphone number.

I went into surgery confident that you would repair that knee and you did.

I have not felt this good in a long time. My gait is soo much better and so is my posture! I actually feel like a human being again.

Once again thank you for all that you have done for me. You made my surgery personal and full of caring.

And, thank you to all of your staff---they are wonderful.”

John Doe

  • Makoplasty


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