Outpatient Hip and Knee Joint replacement

Dr. Bright is an innovator of outpatient hip and knee joint replacements.  Starting approximately 15years ago, he began performing outpatient hip and knee replacements at surgery centers and at hospitals.  Utilizing minimally invasive techniques, his patients have saved the expensive cost of hospitalization, and have also improved their outcomes. New research has shown that hospitalization has inherent risk, and prolonged hospitlization increases the chances of blood clot and infection.  Patients who are able to go home immediately after surgery are able to sleep in their own bed and eat their own food and watch their own television.  Stress and pain levels are reduced when his patients are surrounded by their family instead of surrounded by busy hospital staff and other anxious pateints.  Please review further the artcle on minimally invasive  tourniquetless knee replacement and also the article on minimally invasive hip replacement to see the specific details on these two procedures.