Am I a Candidate?

If your symptoms aren’t responding to non-surgical solutions, or your pain can no longer be controlled by medication, you may be a candidate for MAKOplasty® Total Hip Arthroplasty, a procedure also known as total hip replacement. Only your surgeon can determine if MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement is right for you.

A MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement candidate may experience the following:

  • Pain while putting weight on the affected hip
  • Limping to lessen the weight-bearing pressure on the affected hip
  • Pain that may radiate to the groin, lower back, or down the thigh to the knee
  • Hip pain or stiffness during walking or other impact activities
  • Failure to respond to non-surgical treatments or nomsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication

Where can I get additional information about total hip replacement?

Where can I get additional information?

Source: Centers for Disease Control (CDC).